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Four Seasons Hotel



You get the feel of being inside a famous Paris museum as soon as you enter the Four Seasons Hotel in the New York City. The onyx ceiling and the opulent art deco have to be blamed for it.

The Lowell

facade the lowell


This is a landmark luxury hotel located in the heart of the city of Manhattan. This premium hotel rises above by 17-floors of its iconic residential neighborhood.

Baccarat Hotel and Residences



This is the first hotel in New York rolled out by France’s eponymous Crystal Brand which is centuries-old. The Baccarat is a refreshingly modish and sophisticated alternative to the high-end retreats of the Midtown Manhattan.

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The hotel industry has grown massively over time. New York is a wonderful city for living, exploring and for working. This potential was sensed by the hoteliers who wanted to tap the potential that persisted in this segment. Various luxury and budget hotels have sprung all over the city and offer various amenities to the guests. We are a bunch of enthusiasts that are keen on exploring the trends that persist today in the New York hotel industry.



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We really enjoyed the ambiance and quietness of The Lowell Hotel -- it was exceptional across the whole the hotel and definitely one of the better hotels we have stayed in around the world.

Marty Cann

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